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The Ministries Of George and April Frey

MinistriesMy wife, April and I are the founders of Exceedingly Growing Faith Ministries (EGFM), a missions organization. We established our primary mission in Quebec, Canada in 1996. We’re also the founders and pastors of Faith Christian Center, in Montreal, Quebec. (FCCM) We provide outreach ministries in Ontario, Canada.

We serve as instructors in the EGFM School of Ministry. I also teach college level courses at Rhema Quebec Bible College in Drummondville, Quebec. And at the Ambassadors For Christ Bible School in Toronto, Ontario.

We teach and equip leaders and ministers through leadership training courses, Bible classes, seminars,  and conferences. We provide these services through Exceedingly Growing Faith Ministries and Faith Christian Center.

We’re certificate holders and graduates of Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. As licensed and ordained ministers, we hold credentials with Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI), and the Association of Faith Churches and Ministries of Canada. (AFCM)

Pastor April

Pastor April hosts “A Closer Walk” internet radio broadcast every Wednesday at 1:00pm. The primary focus of her broadcast is Scriptural prayer. She encourages listeners throughout the world. Listeners learn how to lead an effective prayer life according to James 5:13-18. Citing passages from throughout Scripture Pastor April informs and strengthens the listeners prayer life.

April is also a  Certified Travel Consultant, specializing in Church Trips and Group Travel throughout the world.  She has organized Christian group events since 1990, uniting people from across the globe in travel adventures.

Pastor Frey

I’m the author of “Tithing By Faith.” This book looks into the contemporary controversy concerning tithing in the Church. I conduct an associated seminar called, “God’s Cycle Of Total Prosperity.”

A primary focus of my teaching ministry is Hermeneutics. I propose that the meaning of the word of God can only be God’s meaning. This makes a proper and careful study of His word essential, lest we put upon it our own meaning. Then of course, it would not be the word of God.


April and I have been married thirty-five years. We’re parents, grandparents and great-grandparents. We currently reside in Lancaster, Ontario-Canada.


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