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What People Are Saying

These Testimonials represent what students, ministers, and participants, are saying about our ministries.

  • “Tithing By Faith” is a provocative look at the capitalization of the church and what we have been called to accomplish as the Body of Christ. It will cause you to think and process your own paradigms about tithing and to study the history of biblical tithing and God’s economic system.



    - Pastor Billy Joe Watts The Rock Church, Tulsa, Oklahoma
  • From the excerpt I could read, this book is amazing!  Thank you so much for providing the Body of Christ with such a tool!  Etta and I will buy one for sure!

    - Pastor Louis Viens
  • The principle of the tithe is something we see throughout the scriptures. When understood, and acted upon, a breakthrough occurred! In his new book, Tithing By Faith, Pastor George Frey explains this principle. We see that the outcome is going to be breakthrough…for individuals, churches, and the Kingdom! I can’t wait!



    - Pastor Todd Hardaway Rock Family Church | Pacific, Missouri
  • The book, Tithing By Faith, is a breath of fresh air. Especially at a time when so many are being misled concerning tithing in today’s church. So many are deceived into thinking that tithing is law simply because it was spoken of in the Old Testament. They fail to realize that the Old Testament is not the law, but that the law is included in it. Nowhere in the New Testament is tithing ever refuted. Both Jesus and the writer of Hebrews, make it clear that tithing is a Christian love expression toward God. This is true today as it was in Old Testament days. This wonderful book helps to strengthen this truth for the believer. And I know it will open the eyes of many to stay in, or come into, obedience to God as it relates to tithing.


    - Pastor Dean A. Brown Christ Alive Christian Center | Bronx, New York
  • “I am very excited about the book by Pastor George Frey, ‘Tithing by Faith.’ At this time when the church should be stepping up its work in fulfilling the Great Commission, many are struggling to just keep their doors open. Some of this results from the lack of stewardship in the church but for the most part, people in the local church don’t understand the purpose of the tithe. Pastor George in this book explains the tithe and purpose so well that we should all understand it.”



    - Pastor Jerry Piker Open Door Christian Fellowship | Sunrise Beach, Missouri | RMAI Regional Director
  • “After reading the manuscript, ‘Tithing by Faith’ I quickly realized that the Body of Christ would immensely benefit from the clear, coherent and concise teaching offered by my very good friend Rev. George T. Frey. I would strongly recommend the book as required reading for any serious student of God’s Word. The message will allow one to hear God’s Heart and Voice, in the midst of an array of contradictory statements that have plagued the church about the principle of tithing, its purpose, and God’s promises to the tither.”



    - Dr. Gaetano Sicilia Pastor's Bible Faith Family of Churches | Toronto and Durham, Ontario
  • Pastor George Frey is a sound teacher of the word of God. He is studious, diligent, and thorough in his research. The principles espoused in this book are practical, helpful and filled with the wisdom of God. This book will be a blessing to those who apply its principles. It is without reservation that I endorse and recommend its reading.

    - Pastor Larry W. Lee Agape Christian Center | St. Louis, Missouri
  • I read the entire manuscript of Tithing by Faith. I was blessed by Pastor George Frey’s clear concise way of presenting a very vital truth for the body of Christ. Pastor George clearly covers the “Principle, Purpose and the Promise of Tithing”. There has been so much controversy about “do we tithe”, “don’t we tithe.” “Is tithing for the Church Age,” “is it not for the Church Age.” Tithing by Faith puts it all to rest. “Tithing by Faith” is a must-read for all members of the body of Christ. By adhering to its message we can accomplish the assignments God has given us.



    - Pastor Anthony Storino Abundant Grace Church | Toms River, New Jersey
  • I’ve followed Frey’s writing for several years via blogs, social media, and audio. I appreciate his dedication to continually questioning Biblical truths versus modern-day practice and endeavoring to bring the church into alignment on nuanced issues. I had the pleasure of visiting his congregation many years ago and found it to be genuinely warm, accepting, and authentic.



    - Ciara Continuing the Journey of Faith
  • “I learned so much in this 4-hour seminar. It is good to see the traditional concepts corrected and the word taught clearly and accurately on this subject. Excellent presentation. Thank you, Pastor Frey. Keep doing what you are doing for the Lord’s glory!”

    - Rev. Willard M. Robinson Original Friendship Baptist Church | St. Louis, Missouri

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I’m a graduate of Rhema Bible College in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. I’ve been a Christian educator and Pastor for twenty-eight years. My wife, April and I serve as missionaries, in Quebec, Canada, since 1996. We currently pastor at Faith Christian Center, in Montreal, Quebec.  We also provide outreach ministries in the Ontario area.

I also teach courses at Rhema Quebec Bible College in Drummondville, Quebec, and at the Ambassadors For Christ Bible School in Toronto, Ontario. We teach and equip leaders and ministers through leadership training courses, Bible classes, seminars,  and conferences.

I’m ordained by and hold current credentials with Rhema Ministerial Association International (RMAI), and the Association of Faith Churches and Ministries (AFCM) of Canada.



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